For anyone who grows up in a place that is covered in snow for half the year, spending time at the outdoor rink (ODR) is common practice. Some of the best days, during the cold of winter, are usually spent out on the ice with friends until the lights would go out. Anyone who relates to this or has lived it can attest to the fact that the greatest memories and friendships are made out on the outdoor rink.


            We at ODR draw our inspiration from these days spent out on the outdoor rinks of Minnesota, Canada, and Wisconsin. Though we as a company were raised in these environments, we also know that the extent of ODR experiences extends to far more areas around North America and the World than just these places. As the game of hockey continues to grow, the time spent enjoying the great outdoors on our local ponds will keep increasing as well. We love seeing these fond memories out on the ice happen for the next generation.

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